Ideal place for one-day trips


If you’re interested in one-day trips then Brela are the ideal place for you. Many natural beauties and historic and cultural sights are on a reach of your hand. You have a great opportunity to visit attractive tourist destinations. We have chosen only few must see attractions during your visit to Croatia. As we said this is only a small part of a whole offer and it’s our recommendation which we hope you will listen. Many tourist agencies offer these and other trips as well as car or boat rentals. If you need recommendations or help we stand on your disposal.

On Makarska riviera

Sanctuary Vepric

(Located about 15 km to the southeast, or 10-minute drive)

On wooded hills nearby Makarska, in a very entrance of the city lays Croatian lourdes shrine of Vepric. The whole landscape that surrounds the shine looks like one of the most popular shrines – Lourdes. It was established in 1908 in natural cave surrounded with Mediterranean plants and with stream nearby just like in Lourdes. The shrine has a chapel with sacristy, altar on the square, confession booths, Stations of the Cross, area for spiritual exercises and paths for processions. This is one of the most visited Croatian shrines and inevitable pilgrim place on a way of spiritual recover. This location is especially visited on August 15th, on a holy day of Assumption of Mary. At the same time because of its natural beauty and extraordinary peace the shrine is visited throughout the year.


(Located about 15 km towards the southeast, or 15-minute drive)

Makarska is surely the most famous tourist destination of middle Dalmatia. It is the centre of Makarska Riviera part of which are Brela. It is known by almost 2 km long beautiful pebble beach. Close to the beach is a long walk in thick shade of pine trees and many tourist contents, hotels, catering with rich gastronomic offer of fish and meat specialties. City is located in natural protected port. Few times a day ferry boats bound towards island Brač and tourist boats can take you on interesting trips. From historic sights of the city we select a 500 years old Franciscan monastery and a richest shell collection on this part of Mediterranean located in Malacological museum inside the monastery. Beautiful Saint Mark’s church is located on a central town square. In a park near the Saint Peters church stretches maybe the most beautiful view on town, fascinating Biokovo Mountain and open sea. Sunset at this place will overwhelm all the romantic souls. Makarska at night becomes a vivid place for visitors of all ages. Riva becomes a merrily gathering, cafe bars, restaurants and disco clubs more and more crowded and a live music from a full restaurant terraces reaches every step.


(Located about 35 km to the SE, or 40-minute drive)

About human habitation of this peaceful littoral place, since Roman times, witness numerous antique monuments. Nowadays, with only 350 inhabitants, it is a popular tourist place. Along the beautiful pebble beach there is an ally of pine trees and many catering services. In centre of Zaostrog is located the most cultural, religious and educational seat of Makarska shore. The Franciscan monastery of St. Mary in Zaostrog holds a beautiful church, botanic garden, fascinating museum collection, lapidary, great library with oldest printed books on earth and a gallery with permanent exhibition one of the most famous Croatian painters –Mladen Veža.


(Located about 40 km towards the SE, or 45 minutes drive)

In old village there is a Saint Margarita church from 15 AD. According to legend, in one of the stone houses near church was born Andrija Kačić Miošić, one of the most famous Dalmatian and Croatian poets. Brist is also a birth place of one important person of Croatian culture– Mladen Veža. He is one of the most considerable living Croatian painters. Most of his works with Brist motives Mladen Veža has donated to a Zaostrog monastery. These paintings are in permanent exhibition.

A bit more on the north... on a sea shore


(Located 22 km to the northwest, about 30 minutes drive)

It is located on river Cetina estuary. Omiš is town of rich and famous history, ones a pirate seat from where they ruled the Adriatic, today is a centre of beautiful Omiš Riviera. It has become the most desirable Dalmatian and Croatian destination for the active vacation fans. Rafting on Cetina River, free climbing and sea sailing are on the reach of your hand. Omiš is famous by its beautiful long sandy beaches and slope mountains that are falling right in to the sea. It is also famous by the Festival of Dalmatian “klapa” within Omiš cultural summer. Many churches and old stone fortresses that you should visit are only a part of charm and offer of this small town.


(Located about 50 km to the northwest, about 1 hour drive)

The city often called “The most beautiful in the world” has around 200 000 inhabitants. It is over 17 centuries old and thanks to the fact that roman Emperor Diocletian has chosen that place to build his summer house, it became one of the most famous cities on Mediterranean. It is under UNESCO protection and has entered into the register of the World Cultural Heritage. It is located in a very centre of Adriatic coast. Split abounds with numerous cultural and historic sights and entertaining program. Night life takes place in many restaurants, clubs and discotheques. By day it is full of walkers and tourists that admire its beauties. The famous city walk – Riva, is a seaboard that stretches along the south walls of Diocletian palace. It is the most popular meeting place for citizens and city visitors. Split is the second largest city in Croatia and an important port for tourist transfer toward the islands and Italy. Daily, a great number of ferry boats navigate in direction of islands Brač, Hvar, Korčula, Vis and Šolta that all are attractive tourist destinations.

In outback of Split

Vranjača cave

(Located about 15 km from Split, 10 minutes drive by highway)

One of the most spectacular caves in Dalmatia is just 20 minutes of car ride away from Split. This far known geological phenomena of rich cave vegetation is located near Kotlenice village in Dugopolje county, below the northern slopes of Mosor mountain. Cave is discovered at the beginning of last century and in 1929 is opened for visitors. Tour across the cave is not particularly heavy but is not recommended for older and sick person.

In Dalmatian outback


(Located about 60 km inland from Brela, around 1 h 15 min drive)

Imotski is located deep into the outback of Dalmatian zagora. It is 50 km far from the sea but has marks of a small maritime town. Harmonic architecture based on stone and pleasant Mediterranean clime makes this inland town more maritime. It is located on 440 meters altitude from where you have a beautiful view on Imotski field. Near Imotski there are two hydrographical and geomorphologic natural phenomena. At the edge of the town lies Modro jezero (Blue Lake). In summer months it is also a bathing area. Because of its exceptional blue water people gave it such name. About 1 km away from the town in north-western direction lies another Imotski lake – Crveno jezero (Red lake). Red because of the red stones that surrounds the lake. Red lake is the deepest in Europe. Lake deepness is between 390 and 490 m, and the water deepness is around 250 m. Many stories and legend are connected with Blue and Red lake. They are far known tourist attraction and inevitable destination for visitors that like natural beauties. To drop the stone in the lake looks easy but only few have managed. In a short time it becomes a real torment. You could also attempt in this adventure.

High up... in a mountain

Biokovo Nature Park

(Approximately 20 km to the mountain Biokovo, about 30 min drive)

Biokovo is declared a natural park because of its extraordinary values of plant and animal diversity and natural beauties on almost 20 000 hectares of land. Mountain Biokovo highest peak is St. Jure, 1762 m high. This is a first class location for hiking. Only few mountains have reached the sea shores and enable its visitors such great panoramic views from the peaks. Up to the highest peak leads an asphalt road and in only half an hour car ride from any tourist place of Makarska Riviera you can reach the beautiful lookouts from where you can see this part of Dalmatia as in a flat of the hand.