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It is immodest to call your place the most beautiful in the world. Aldo one sided judgement, it is frequently confirmed in many prestige tourist guides and recommendation to those who already had an opportunity to visit Brela. Attractive tourist place is located on a move between Split on northwest and Makarska on south. This part of Adriatic cost known as Central Dalmatia counts many pebbly beaches and crystal clear sea blue as a clear sky.


With 1500 people Brela are a well known part of Makarska Riviera that is often compared with much known older sister-French Azure coast. While the beaches of prestige seaside resorts as Nice and Cannes are only artificial creation, here the nature has made the most beautiful creations.

Inside the protective Biokovo mountain range, on the spots where the slopes are gently falling in the sea, incurred this, ones fishing place. With mild winters and long warm summers pleasant Mediterranean climate has made an oasis of many vegetable and animal species. Oriented to non massive tourism, Brela have kept its strongest trump – natural values.


Recognized by world travellers at their coast voyages, over timid tourism of second half past century, it became inevitable visitor attraction of all generations. Brela are full score for Your vacation, whether You prefer a lazy rest in clear sea and sun, or You wish an active, adrenalin full holidays, or You prefer the combination as a perfect solution. Today, Brela are well organised and decorated coastal place and in summer the number of its inhabitants grows up ten times. It is not only known by sea, sun and magnificent beaches but also by hard-working people cultivating grapes and high quality wine sorts, olives and olive oil, figs and world known products of Maraska sour cherry.


Famous tourist magazine Forbs classified Brela beaches in 20 most beautiful beaches in the world. The most popular beaches are Punta Rata and Berulija Blue flag owners that only ecologically clean and organised beaches with lot of entertaining and other contents have honour to carry. Some of nearby locations are one of the most attractive diving destinations in Adriatic.


At the same time it is important to mention a great traffic connection with all places along coast by Adriatic road. Recent connection with new highway speeded up visitor arrivals and departures and unloaded traffic in summer months known by traffic jams.